Research- Hh5001. 1.A Reflection Of Learning From The Group

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RESEARCH- HH5001 1. A reflection of learning from the Group Research What I have learnt about conducting research reflecting on my group Project. Bullying has been a serious problem around the world. Different reports and studies states that 15% of the students are once being a victims of bullied or either bullying behaviours on a regular basis. Due to the process of number of victims, and frequency of bullying. Bullying is a behaviour that is unpredictable which comes without a pattern and becomes an issue in one in six students. Bullying occurs most in schools and not restricted (Peter, K. and Sonia, S.1994, pp, 124-125) race, colour, gender, class or in other natural distinctions, in addition, it looks bad during the early …show more content…

I have learnt how people are being bullied and why they are bullied and why they are being bullied. However, building a good relationship before interviewing someone is very important as I was aware that the subject was very sensitive. Although, I found out that ethical implications were considered, (Cottrell, S. 2013, pp.346) For example data protection, health and safety I also considered that they understand what they required to do. All the participants were aware about the project. Was not an issue for the research, especially when using qualitative methods when it comes to confidential information (Newby,2010, pp. 93) The participants at first were uncomfortable when I told them that the information they give will remain anonymous and I agreed to keep answers for the participants anonymous while discussing the findings they were happy to fill up the forms. I have learnt that some people may not be willing to answer the questions. Different people did not like to reveal the information they thought it was not benefiting from responding perhaps could lead to penalised by giving their real opinion. I also realised that other participants were not telling the truth they were telling lies. Furthermore, to answering the questions very vaguely which participants would not do in an interview. Stereotype, mature student stated that if they see a bully they

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