Research Material And Warding Off The Temptation Of Plagiarism

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Final Project
The main focus for this unit of study is the importance of properly citing research material and warding off the temptation of plagiarism. With so much information on the internet, and so much pressure required of the students to excel, the ability to cut and paste a portion or a whole paper is too great. If the students are taught the rewards and benefits of doing research honestly, they will be less likely to succumb to temptation. Educators and librarians need to collaborate to instill these ethical and moral lessons to produce honest and original work from our students.
Rationale for selection of instructional models
The social-interaction model was chosen for the first lesson because pre-research strategies was the topic. Brainstorming techniques can be best developed in a small group setting. Being able to work as a team, the students can come up with ideas that might not have been thought of before. This form of instruction enables the students to work with others, something they will have to do as they enter the real world.
The second lesson used direct instruction to instruct the students about proper citation and the responsibility towards plagiarism. Using this form of instruction, the students will be able to pick up on the importance of the topic by keeping their attention completely on what is being taught. Hopefully the students will understand the extreme importance not to plagiarize and the repercussions if one gets caught. Even though

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