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Intro Plagiarism definition Differences from personal/ outside sources Documentation (MLA/APA) Conclusion What is Plagiarism? One of the biggest issues that will come up when students write papers, is plagiarism. It is getting harder for students to avoid plagiarism. When a student plagiarizes, it can greatly affect them in a number of ways. The intention of this paper is to discuss what plagiarism is, how to give the proper documentation, and what to use when citing a source. Plagiarism is defined as taking somebody’s work and using it as your own work (“What is Plagiarism”). A variety of things can be plagiarized; they can range from papers all the way to people’s ideas. The most common thing that is plagiarized, would be …show more content…

Jim Carnett has the first-hand experience with this happening, “I lifted a portion of one of my columns and inserted it in the Daily Pilot piece without attribution." The best way to avoid having personal ideas confused with outside sources is to look and see if there has been any form of documentation of the idea. If there is documentation of said idea out there, then that would count as an outside source and you need to provide documentation for it. There can be coincidences, however, where two different parties have the same idea and you can’t tell whether or not it is a case of plagiarism. This is the case between the authors of Bucky’s 9th and The Art of Fielding. The two books share a very similar plot, that 3rd parties can’t tell whether or not it is plagiarism. The easiest way to solve this issue would be by having both authors provide the manuscripts for their respective books of when they started writing them (Fallon). Perhaps one of the simplest ways to avoid plagiarism is to provide documentation of where you got your information from. In an article in The Washington Post, Sandra Miller wrote about how she saw her son skimming websites and not providing a source as to where he got his information. If her son was to write the paper without giving any form of documentation, that would count as plagiarism. A piece of advice that Miller wrote was, “When

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