Research Objective On Muslims Culture Essay

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Research Objective on Muslims culture Ever wonder what that word “Muslim” means? Who is Classified as a Muslim? Most, ignorant people consider them a “terrorist.” I don’t categorize every Muslim as a terrorist, an abominable person, or a threat to our society. Muslims are just like every other human in the world, they just possess their own culture. They have their own religion which they follow with much devotion: Islam. I specifically chose the Islamic culture because it is the one of the closest to my own religion, which it is Christianity. I immersed myself in the Islamic culture by doing a field project on a Friday, which is considered to be the most important day of the week for Muslims to pray with other Muslims in congregation by attending the Darul Uloom Mosque (important religious site) on Friday. My purpose was to learn and have clear, concise of their daily religious, social practices, norms, social practices, values and beliefs. I want to be able to teach people the main values and ideas of Islam in our current society, mostly because the general population possesses a highly misconstrued message about it. Establishing the fundamental ethical percepts, such as justice, freedom, trust, and dignity of human life exist.
Background of Muslim Culture Before conducting my intercultural experience of the Islamic culture I have a friend of the Islamic faith who was able to provide me with very important information. I asked him for a place where I could meet
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