Research Paper On Fixed Mindset

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An entity view of intelligence, or fixed mindset, believes that their abilities are “fixed” and do not change. Students with entity intelligence are concerned with looking smart to others and avoid challenges as a fear of making a mistake. Fixed mindset prevents learning opportunities and has lower achievement as they view mistakes as lacking ability. Incremental view of intelligence, or growth mindset, helps students reach higher levels of performance with the belief that everyone has the potential to become smarter. Growth mindsets believe that mistakes improve learning and help expand learning.
Students who have the perspective of a fixed mindset limit their effort at times as they do not see effort as intelligence. They also do not see effort as contributing to achievement. Fixed mindset students see their ability as more related to the quality of their work, not their effort. They are motivated to demonstrate their ability through grades and looking successful. …show more content…

They put forth effort as they believe that effort equals achievement.
One thing an effective teacher can do to assist in changing a fixed mindset is teaching students about their brains and how it works will encourage changing to a growth mindset. However, teachers should not call students smart as it is dangerous in promoting a fixed mindset. They also should not limit the curriculum but focus on challenging curriculum, as challenging curriculum promotes a growth

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