Research Paper On Homeless Community

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The communities in which we are a part of, are not merely the one within our immediate surroundings, but rather an association of the factors that are common to a group of individuals. There is a variation in the communities in which I am a part of. Some of these communities include a school community, a church community, a recreation community, a tourist community and a homeless community.
There are many schools within my community which include daycares to colleges. There are almost 150 elementary, middle and high schools in Pinellas county with over 100,000 students enrolled (publicschoolsk12, n. d.). Education is a very important aspect of my community as this the how are kids are molded and given a foundation of models on how
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Homelessness is a growing problem across the nation. The Florida Department of Children and Families concluded in an annual report of the statewide council on homelessness, that a study of one night in January showed that there were over 30, 000 homeless people living in shelters or living on the streets (Homelessness, n. d.). Homelessness poses a negative effect on the health and well-being of everyone within the community. Not only are there concerns of safety, but also homelessness present issues of crime as well as health risks. There are many coalitions that have been formed to reduce the number of homeless people within the community, it is still a work in progress.
The communities that I am a part of also include my church community and a recreational community. The church community in which I reside consists of churches of many different denominations and a church can be found on almost every corner. My communities also include a recreational which provides parks, recreation and fitness activities. The recreation community is a great benefit for the health and fitness of everyone within the community. Conclusion Although I have reflected on some of the various communities in which I am a part of, these are just a few. Almost every aspect of our lives involves us being a part of multiple communities. The commonalities that we share puts us into different communities will ultimately affect our lives in some way, whether positively or
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