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4.Research Design
A research design is a map or framework that helps to accomplish the research project. It helps the researcher to collect the data or information that are needed to know, find or solve the research problem. Also the research design can shows the details of the problem if needed.Research design in general is classified into three approaches; exploratory, descriptive and casual.
For this marketing research the research design was descriptive and the method was quantitative, and the report will describe and evaluate more the descriptive and the quantitative, it addition that it will focus in the variables, sampling and questionnaire.
4.1 Description and evaluation:
The research deign is descriptive research; as the aim of this marketing
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Question (6):Do you like the current colour of Sunsilk shampoo?
The choices: yes or no.
This question is to know if the customer like and satisfied with the colour of the shampoo, on the other hand there should be a suggestion in case the answer was no.
Question (7): what do you expect by using a shampoo?
The choices:- Smoothening of hair - Black shiny hair - to prevent hair fall - to avoid dandruff - to construct damaged hair
This question is to know what the customer is looking for in the shampoo or what motivate the customer to buy a certain shampoo in general, there should be suggestion to the customer in case that none of these choices is the customer choice, also there should be another question same as this one but more specific about Sunsilk shampoo to know what the customer like most in the shampoo or what the customer is expecting to gain from using Sunsilk

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