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Paris is known worldwide for its art museums. There are dozens of museums in The City of Lights, each with its own special treasures and unique pieces of art. The Louvre is the most famous of them all. The story of its creation coupled with its architecture, art work, and beautiful outdoor grounds – including the recently added Great Pyramid the sits in front of the grand museum - sets the Louvre apart from other museums across the world.

The Louvre was not always a museum. With its construction beginning in the 12th century, the Louvre started was a fortress and grand palace with architecture in the French Renaissance style. (Nave 35-39, Pradel) More than 25 different kings lived in the palace. It was a royal residence from Philip II to Louis XIV. (Nave 35-39) Each of the 25 monarchs who made the Louvre his home - from Philip II to Louis XIV, ( Nave 35-39) the last king who sought protection behind the walls of the palace - was a major contributor to the Louvre becoming one of the world’s great destinations; more than 9.3 million visitors visit the Louvre every year. …show more content…

The Mona Lisa. Venus de Milo. Little Dancer of Fourteen Years. Those are just three of hundreds individual masterpieces that will leave a visitor speechless. A full appreciation of the wonders of the Louvre is impossible just seeing an on-line photo. They must be seen in person to be fully and completely absorbed. A prime example is the Mona Lisa. Although the internet can document the value of this masterpiece painted by Leonardo da Vinci- today it is reportedly valued at nearly 800 million dollars - standing face to face with the Mona Lisa as she stares at you with her soft, yet creepy, eyes gives you a satisfaction that cannot be achieved by visiting a

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