Apple Inc. An International Brand

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Apple Inc. is an international brand that manufactures and distributes computer software, personal computers, cell phones, portable digital music players, consumer electronic products, media devices and mobile communication, and renders software services, networking solutions, peripherals, and digital applications and content. The brand embraces such popular products as the Macintosh series, the iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, and the iPad. The company holds powerful software resource consisting of the Mac OS X, iLife, iWork suite, iOS and OS X, iCloud, the iTunes media browser, Aperture, Airprint, and AirPlay.
The brand provides service and support offerings, accessory, and digital content and apps in its App Stores, iTunes Stores, Mac App
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Strategically, Apple creates substantial value through diversification. Such remarkable innovations as iPhone and iPod prove the company’s capacity to innovate and further create digital lifestyle convergence. Apple seamlessly integrates into the creation of outstanding user experience by providing the next must-have electronics products.
The corporate vision “Think Different” embraces four core philosophies, including never-ending innovation drive, customer-oriented services, direct sale business model, and the power of Apple brand. This way the company successfully innovates, sells its products directly to the customers, and renders quality customer-oriented services (Apple Inc, 2015).
(3) External Assessment
a. Porter Five Force Analysis of the industry
Intensity of rivalry within the industry Pursuant to this force under Michael Porter’s model, over the years Apple has created substantial technical support framework, won customer loyalty, and introduced innovative quality products. The company maintains high level of productivity while the branded offers never lose popularity even though the rivals’ offers often gain market share owing to lower prices.
Bargaining power of suppliers
Apple may lose profits because of bargaining power of suppliers. Permanent increase of corporate capacities forces the company to seek new suppliers. At that, Apple allows new suppliers to decrease their bargaining power by registering on the Apple’s website.
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