Research Paper On Workplace Mobbing

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(Horvat, B., & Pagon, M., 2012, Para. Abstract) says, “creating a “mobbing safe” work environment can be a real challenge; to achieve it, a better understanding of related construct is necessary”. Workplace mobbing in its own can be detrimental to any organization and it’s even worse when employers are made aware of actions such as workplace mobbing and no nothing at all. According to (Horvat, B. & Pagon, M. 2012, pg. 160), “Leymann (1990), describes workplace mobbing as psychological, terror in a workplace caused by individual or a group on a daily basis for at least six months, until the victim leaves the organization or becomes in capable of practicing of his or her profession”. Workplace mobbing definition is a very serious offense and organizations should not take any situation lightly when an employee comes forward to report workplace mobbing. For example, my former employer faced a situation where an employee filed a complaint against a supervisor for workplace mobbing. The employee was sent into a nervous breakdown and had to be admitted to the hospital all because this supervisor was engaging in workplace mobbing. The end result to this situation was my co-worker had an extended hospital stay and now due to this traumatic experience, she is still employed with the company but she now only comes into work when she is able to due to workplace mobbing. This example that I provided is a real life experience and it shows that workplace mobbing is frightening and can
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