Workplace Violence Essay

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Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is a phenomenon that is now widely recognized as a social problem, which impacts all organizations.

"According to Department of Justice statistics for 1995,

21% of all violent crime occurred while the victim was

either at work or traveling to or from work. Workplace

Violence accounted for more than two (2) million violent

Crimes annually from 1992-1997" (Kaufer 1-2).

In this research paper I will provide an overview of workplace violence and furnish

Examples of the effect and costs, as it affect the workplace. Workplace violence can be devastating to business and present emotional impact on the employees involved (Ecis, 1).

"Incidents of workplace violence were virtually …show more content…

Times are changing and the workplace is just not as safe as we once thought. What used to be rare occurrences has now become not only more commonplace but has been even falling into the rare category of significant life issues that people almost take for granted. No company is immune to workplace violence (Mantell 18-20).

Violence involving work associates

Employee’s violence has increased significantly over the past decade. For example, say the workplace violence and most people think of a rampage shooting like the one in the City of Los Angeles building, where Willi Wood opened fire with a Glock semi-automatic pistol, killing four managers, or maybe they will think of Bruce Clark, a 22 year old U.S. Postal Service veteran who shot and killed his supervisors at a mail processing facility in another Southern California city. What about the classic loner James Davis, who killed three and injured four at a manufacturing plant in North Carolina? (Klein, 5-8).

What causes workplace violence?

While each situation varies, violence often results from stress, either on or pushed over the edge. In recent years employees have been faced with foreign competition, mergers and acquisitions and the break-up of the nuclear family. The resulting uncertainty can lead to a fierce control, which combined with job termination or the fear of being fired. Anger is often directed at managers and supervisors involved in the termination of the

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