Research Paper Review. Title: “Future Trends In Software

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Research Paper Review
Title: “Future Trends in Software Engineering Research for Mobile Apps”
This paper provides an important software research issues related to development and future of application that run on mobile devices. This paper also includes current and future research work in the field of mobile apps like software development life cycle non-functional requirements i.e. Energy and Security.
In the context of this paper, a mobile app is defined as the application developed for the current generation of mobile devices popularly known as smart phones. These apps are often distributed through a centralized app market majorly in the forms of Apple’s app store and Google’s play store each having more than 1.5 …show more content…

Typically app stores restrict the public to be able to see only a subset of all the reviews. In the case of Google Play it is 500 reviews. In the case of the Windows Marketplace, they allow you to see as many as can be loaded in the page before the browser crashes. One interesting problem that has already been addressed by app markets like Google Play is the ability for the developer to reply to user reviews when they have addressed a requirement. There are also some risk mentioned that includes poor user review that lead to poor requirements of app.
In comparison of android and iOS apps most of work has been done for android platform this is due to fact that android platform is more open than other platforms like black berry. Development of a cross platform app is very troublesome due to the fact that it may be difficult link the apps across the app market. In order to develop cross platform apps there are several frameworks available such as Sencha, Cocos2d and Corona but such apps may have adverse effect on its user interface. There is also a need to build indicators to determine an app will likely have venerable code in or not. The area of software maintenance is one of the most searched areas in Software Engineering. In the recent past the mobile apps are small and it get very quick releases so this may affect the maintenance of apps and it may overlap.

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