Research Strategy And Strategies

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The research strategy describes the way the authors conducted their research of information to find the best results possible. There is different range of strategy, as it can go through interviewing people, analyzing researches from the same fields, studying articles and books on the subjects, and in this case it is also about reading news as this subject developing every single day. An interview consist of meeting between five and ten different people with different roles, and fields of action to diversify the information. Then the author must chose a sample of questions to ask the interviewee and the answers from his point of view. The more interview conducted, the less bias there will be. In the case of the research the interview …show more content…

It usually focuses more on words rather than numbers, with an inductive/interpretivist analysis from the authors as the data sampled are more human oriented. Quantitative data are more focused exact information. It is something relying on numbers and figures to prove mathematically the right answer. There must be no human feeling in the information, to not bias the data. Those are conducted through experimental surveys. This survey tried to gather both quantitative and qualitative data to provide the most developed research possible. The authors think the human aspect of a research is essential to understand the feelings of individuals involved with the Fintech. It is broadly about a new experience arising, and the sensation of people matters in that case and must not be avoided. At the same time, it is a scientific science relying on numbers and on the financial market. Thus an quantitative research must be as well considered to see the evolution. Time Horizon The concept of Fintech has been created quite recently. The impact of the financial crisis on the market obliged customer to adapt their demand to more simple products and the market stabilized at a very low level. This research focused thus on the past ten years to see how, from a worldwide drown economy how this concept of Fintech emerged. Ethical Issues This study is focused on an aspect of the financial market, and on the private life of customers. There is, thus a real ethical issue

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