Research on How to Market a New Product

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Marketing Research The topic for this study would be marketing. I would carry out a research on how to market a new product in the industry. This research will bring together a worldview, strategies, and methods of research. 1. Worldviews 1.1 Epistemology vs ontology Epistemology is a consideration of what constitutes reality while ontology is ‘the science or study of being’ (Blaikie 1993). This research adopts constructionism as its epistemology perspective because it is very consistent with the research nature in terms of its aims and objectives. This is because in constructivism, this research did not describe the facts just as they actually are as in objectivity nor did it create something new as it is consistent with subjectivity (Crotty, 2007). This research was thus built from a serious review and analysis of all the available literature on marketing of new brands and entry into the market by many scholars. Baike, (1993) describes epistemology as “the theory or science of the methods or grounds of knowledge of reality, the manner in which what exists can be known”. In this research we try to understand the position of my stand in respect to the theories drawn. 1.2 Positivism vs Interpretivism There is a philosophical position in relation to the purpose and place of research in general. On the basis of positivism researchers take a scientific perspective when observing social behavior, with an objective analysis possible (Travers, 2001). It is important to note that

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