Restroom Procedure

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• The students will only be allowed to use the drinking fountain or the sink during break times.
• The procedure to use the restrooms is to have one student at a time use this facility. I will have a sign out sheet for the students to keep track of the student. I will also teach the students restroom procedures, such as, flushing the toilet and washing their hands.
• Centers and equipment areas will only be used when I give the students permission. I will post rules with instructions for when the students use equipment. The procedure for knowing what center they will start with is dividing the students into four groups and writing their group numbers on the board. This way the students will know where they are supposed to go next when the timer goes off.
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If I want to use popsicle sticks to call on students I will tell the students to put their hands down. This will allow students who have not yet spoken get a chance to talk.
• I will allow student to talk among themselves only when they are doing activities or working together. I will have procedures to keep the noise level down. Before the students get into their groups or with their partner I will teach them how quiet it should sound like when they are working together. When the noise level gets too loud, I will turn off the lights to signal the students they have reached a loud noise level.
• When students need help, I will teach them to raise their hands. They will not be allowed to come up to me, because it can distract other students. Also, I do not want 20 students coming up to me at the same time. The procedure for obtaining help is to have the students raise their hands and wait to be called on. The students will also be allowed to come to my desk and ask a question only when I am not working with another student and they have raised their

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