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Retail Max Paper Pamela White Grand Canyon University: LDR-610 March 20, 2013 RetailMax: Role for Cam Archer Regan Kessel The two major players in this case are Cam Archer and Regen Kessel. Cam Archer is a young and upcoming MBA who is working on an interim assignment as an account executive. She has great potential and is an asset to the company. Regan Kessel is the new Vice President of Product Management and Marketing. He has offered Cam a Marketing Director position in the Marketing Department. Archer has a difficult decision that needs to be made today. She needs to decide between her dream job as Director of Marketing in the Marketing Department with Regen Kessel, or accept a position in the Product Services division…show more content…
Stereotypes Stereotypical gender issues do not come into play in this case. There is no mention of Archer being female. I did not even realize during the readings that Cam Archer was a woman. Social Factors Archer’s interest in either position will depend on how strongly she feels about not traveling or if she is motivated by money. Her potential power is greatest before she makes her decision. She will keep a lot of this power once her salary has been determined. Kessel should continue to go after Archer. If he can get her to take the position, his reputation will be raised. She has great marketing abilities which would be a huge benefit to him. Kessel should offer Archer the most promising salary compensation package that he can while staying within his budget. The compensation package should include non-monetary resources such as an office with a great view or a flexible schedule. Assumptions Both VP’s assume that Archer’s main motivation is monetary. After reading her case study though, it appears that she is getting tired of traveling and wants to continue along the management path. Position and Power Archer should consider the position. It puts her foot at the beginning of a management position In that she will report directly to the VP. The position is new and there are currently, no direct
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