Review Of ' Time 's Up For The Title Ix Sports '

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Diciaula Thank You For Arguing Essay The tool of argumentation has been used throughout the entirety of history. Arguing can occur in many different situations, yet most have a misconceived interpretation of what the term actually is. According to author Jay Heinrichs, an argument is properly defined as having the ability to “convince your opponent, or enemy, by changing his mood, his mind and his willingness to act” (Heinrichs, 15). Heinrichs also claims that to be able to master the art of arguing, one must be able to persuade anyone to do anything. In order to establish one 's standpoint on a position, one must possess a range of tools to be able to properly convince an audience. The two texts “Time 's Up For Title IX …show more content…

She herself remains very ambiguous, keeping a dull tone that lacked conviction. Therefore, this article did not only dissuade the reader from following through on the author 's intentions of drawing them in on , but it left the reader confused on which side the author took on the topic. The second article “Time’s Up For Title IX Sports” by author Jessica Gavora follows the same topic as the previous article. Unlike the previous article however, this article was better persuasive wise. Gavora uses pathos, logos, as well as ethos to convince her audience to take action against the injustices towards the Title XI bill. The quote “Title XI has been interpreted and twisted and bent outside the institutions of our electoral democracy” (Gavora, 3) illustrates logos, because it is trying to convince the reader to take the logical approach to speak up against injustice. The goals of the work are implemented around the text and are obvious do to the conviction of Gavora’s tone using words such as “cowardly”, “twisted”, “vanquish”, and “discrimination” (Gavora, 3-10). The use of these words makes the reader feel pathos which is ultimately the goal of anyone trying to change one’s outlook. The weaknesses of the article, Diciaula however, somewhat distract from the potential impact this article could have. The style of the work is somewhat manic and vexed which confuses the reader. It is understandable she is passionate about the topic,

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