Review Of Tools Of The Trade

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Review of Tools of the Trade For a smooth and efficient functioning of the organization’s Information Systems (IS), the hardware management tools play a vital role. Although plentiful hardware management tools and resources are necessary for the trustworthy operation of an Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, however, the tools specifically to manage a firewall and scan a network, and the universally reliable knowledge bases are the three decisive requisites (Davis, Schiller, & Wheeler, 2011). In this critical thinking report an assessment has been provided for one predominant tool from each of these essential categories. The first tool highlighted is SecureTrack developed by Tufin Software Technologies Ltd. is one of the principal firewall management solutions (Tufin, 2015). In terms of the network scanning, the tool chosen for this report is Wireshark developed by Gerald Combs, which is the foremost analyzer of the network protocol in the world (Banerjee, Vashishtha, & Saxena, 2010). Finally, in the category of knowledge bases, the National Vulnerability Database provided by the United States government is illustrated in this critical thinking report (Zhang, Caragea, & Ou, 2011). Overall, each of these tools has their own advantages and drawbacks, which are emphasized and evaluated in this report. Analysis of SecureTrack The firewalls are extremely useful in an organization’s security architecture to filter transmitted network packets every day based on numerous
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