Review of the Inquiry of Air India Flight 182: A Canadian Tragedy

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On June 23, 1985, a bomb was planted on Air India Flight 182 that exploded and killed the 329 passengers and crew while airborne (Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182: Final report, 2010). A second bomb at Tokyo’s Narita Airport killed two baggage handlers that were unloading luggage from a Canadian Pacific Airlines flight, the baggage was also prepared to be on the Air India flight. Sikh terrorists were responsible for planting the two bombs. In total 331 people were killed (CIIBAIF 182, 2010).
This review of the inquiry of Air India Flight 182: A Canadian Tragedy will examine the numerous objectives of the inquiry. The review will examine the mandate, methods, and the key …show more content…

The third subject in the commission’s mandate was how the Canadian government agencies managed the sources and witnesses after the bombings. The goal was to examine how well these agencies shared information among each other and how in-depth their investigation was after the bombings. The fourth subject in the commission’s mandate was to examine the trial process during terrorist related cases in court. The goal was to set up guidelines for how the court and all the parties involved in the case should manage information and ensure the consideration of each of the parties’ interest during the trial. The fifth subject of the commission’s mandate was related to the aviation security in Canada. The commission goal was to examine how Canada can become better prepared for aviation terrorism and to recommend security measures for defending against aviation terrorism. The final subject on the commission’s mandate was evaluates Canada’s legal agenda in relation to policies against terrorist funding (CIIBAIF 182, 2010).
The inquiry used the Rules of Procedure and Practice. The commission issued granting 18 applications of standings that were divided into two types of standings: Party Standing and Intervenor Standing. The party standing were people that were directly affected by the inquiry were divided into separate organizations (i.e. the Air India Victims Families Association (AIVFA)). These

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