Reviewing Research Methods And Basic Statistics, Entering Data, And Analysis

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Reviewing Research Methods & Basic Statistics, Entering Data, and Analysis
Research interests are primarily in the area of marketing and k-12 education; however, with everything that is happening this moment I have not had an opportunity to focus on a specific area nor the topic. However, if I had to pick an area, it would perhaps be in education as it concerns the development of new technology and k-12 students’ ability to read.
Perhaps four variables that would be assessed: a.) new technology developed to monitor and evaluate students reading ability (e.g., Fast Forward, Star Reader). b.) The alignment and cost to implement these new and developing technologies. C.) the level of achievement, e.g., grade, or level achieved by students using the new technology. d.) level of skill of the educator facilitating the program.
Development of an alternate and null hypothesis
Before Developing, a hypothesis, there is a process one should execute during the formulating of the hypotheses (Creswell & Miller, 2000). Many times the development of the hypotheses is dependent upon the nature of the research conducted. However, using a process ensures that the research remain focus and retain its validity as it concern the research being undertaken. In addition, following the process helps the researcher to maintain a number of variables, e.g., Quantifiable, Verifiable, Replicable and Defensible aspect of the research (Creswell & Miller, 2000).
Many researchers consider most research…
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