Reviewing Ziglar On Selling : The Ultimate Handbook For The Complete Sales Professional

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Analyze-Explain What Was Learned In reviewing Ziglar On Selling: The Ultimate Handbook for the Complete Sales Professional, many lessons were learned that range from maintaining balance in one’s life to the importance of building trustful relationships. As per the advice of Ziglar, a “pretest” and “posttest” were taken that produced scores of 90 and 100, which means the lessons learned had an important impact on this writer (Ziglar 1991, xi-324). Subsequently, building a list of customers (especially “female customers” who hold the majority of “spending power”) requires that the salesperson establish a “network” based on “centers of influence,” in which sales are made using the “radiation method” combined with “technology” (Ziglar 1991, 1-48). Of course, accomplishing this requires that the salesperson establish “trust and dependability” among his or her customers through the use of “active listening skills,” “Communication, Observation, and Dedication” (Ziglar 1991, 1-48). However, becoming successful in these aforementioned skills mandates the reduction of “call reluctance anxiety,” which means lessening the “anxiety of financial burdens” combined with projecting a positive transference of feeling to the customer (Ziglar 1991, 1-69). In essence, this process entails helping others “get what they want” by completing the following sales process: 1) “Prospecting,” 2) “qualifying,” 3) setting “appointments,” and 4) “closing the sale” (Ziglar 1991, 49-69). At the same time,

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