Revolutionary War

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Revolutionary War Taylor Hunter ENG/101 October 26, 2014 The battle of Trenton and Princeton began to erupt in the same year of the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War had started because the Americans wanted the same rights the as the British citizens had. The British refused to give Americans the same rights because they (British) didn’t think the Americans shouldn’t be represented as a part of the British Parliament, instead their (British) minds were more focused on building revenue. The British had ignored the Americans demands in which the British thought the Americans demands were a cause of outrage. There were so many different wars that had erupted during the Revolutionary War. The battle between Trenton…show more content…
George Washington knew that his men had exceeded their expectations with the battle on Trenton and that they had more challenges to face. George Washington knew that doing nothing would be dangerous so he turned his focus to planning another attack at Princeton. George Washington was convinced that his men couldn’t hold Trenton against British. George Washington had learned about General Charles and James Grant with the eight hundred British Troops marching south from Princeton. George Washington had deployed five hundred men who he had assigned to watch campfires and the rest of the troops marched to Princeton. During the battle on Princeton the first secretary of the US Treasury, Alexander Hamilton had cannons fired at the British because he had applied to Princeton, in which he was not accepted. George Washington had sent in a force who was under General Hugh Mercer to destroy a bridge. General Hugh Mercers’ men were killed. There was a rally by the Americans. George Washington gave hope to others that they could also beat the British. After the Battles of Trenton and Princeton the Americans quickly withdrew after taking prisoners, arms and their supplies but they fell back after the Americans had won the battle on Princeton. George Washington wanted to take his men to New Brunswick, but was overruled by his officers. George Washington’s’ Continental Army had marched to Morristown, NJ to establish
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