Rhetorical Analysis Of ' Air Bud '

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The first word is pathos, this is an emotional appeal used to persuade and convince audience by their emotional feelings. In this movie, this appeal has been used widely. When Josh loses his father, he is saddened and depressed to the extent that he assimilates himself during Basketball training sessions. The situation is worsened when the owner of the dog, Norm, repossesses it. Although the dog was rightfully Norm’s, the audience would be persuaded to side with Josh when he sneaks into Norm’s residence and steals the dog (Ebert). This is further backed by the fact that the audience is already aware of the cruelty of Norm. To the audience’s expectations, Buddy further chooses Josh as it owner. I do believe this is the best end.
The second word is the ethos. This is an appeal that is used to convince the audience of the credibility of a character or movie. It entails choosing of proper vocabulary, topic or theme to be featured in such contexts. In this movie, “Air bud”, the audience is presented with a dog that perfectly plays Basketball. In fact, “Buddy” makes twelve shots without missing a single one in the entire movie. Honestly, this is a skill that even the professional players would envy. This skill by the dog therefore creates its worthiness in the school basketball team, something the audience would agree with. It is important to note that in the absence of the dog, the school team is losing terribly. It’s not a wonder therefore that “Buddy” leads the team to win

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