Rhetorical Analysis Of President Obama's Inauguration Speech

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The Inauguration address is made by the newly sworn in President of the United States every four years. This custom started, by our nation's first President George Washington, in 1789 (President). Every President since Washington has given this speech. Presidents utilize this to bestow their plan in the forthcoming years of the United States and ambitions for America. This is utmost one of the most important days in the History of America as it signaled the birth of a new nation. In today’s context it signals a peaceful exchange of power in the most disruptive of times. The speech is primarily given out to the citizens of the United States, who need to know what the future holds for them; Now in a world of globalization and foreign policy this speech is paid attention to throughout the world. All Inaugural addresses are similar. First they start with their greeting, then examine the state of the nation, the newly elected President presents the issues of the country and the plan to solve them. After the President draws upon powerful lessons and rhetoric to bring inspiration to the American people and finally closes off to end the address. President Obama was no stranger to that as he has done that, like every President before him, not once but twice, in 2009 and 2013. Using rhetoric, President Obama grasps the attention and impacts audiences listening and watching all over the world in 2013. The three rhetorical devices President Obama uses are: symbolism, anaphora, and
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