Rhetorical Strategies In Selling Gender Specific Products

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These days a lot of products have become gender specific. However, occasionally these products are the exact same and work the exact same but with different branding. This a very prevalent today and it only helps to perpetuate the stereotype that men and women are not equal. This inequality does not help to develop our society. That being said, sometimes there is a legitimate need for gender specific products. Typically, these products can be placed in the broad category of “health care”. Health care products include everyday products like hair products, perfumes and deodorants. It can be observed that deodorants are probably one of the most used products in a highly developed society. Many deodorants are gender specific because they serve…show more content…
Usually, these different purposes or effects are clearly stated or implied on the advertisements. To further help sell the products the companies will often powerful rhetorical strategies like Ethos, Pathos, Logos, and on rare occasions Kairos. According to Everything’s An Argument, “Ethos can be defined in speech as pertaining to the credibility of the speaker. Pathos can be defined as the stirring of emotion. Logos is logic based speech. Kairos deals with time and place.” Popular companies such as Dove have gender specific deodorants and often use these rhetorical strategies effectively to convey their products. Having gender specific is acceptable as long as there is a legitimate need for them. The Dove for men advertisement is a deodorant product aimed to help men eliminate odor caused by their armpits. At first…show more content…
At first glance the ad fully encompasses what it means to be feminine. Most people would see this advertisement as very soft, pure, and joyful. These are important characteristics as these are the characteristics most women want to portray about themselves. There is a definite need for the extra care because of the irritation caused by shaving the armpits. The advertisement also claims to have “Advanced Care with NutriumMoisture”, the advertisement doesn’t go in to much detail about this, and however consumer will likely be assured even further about the product’s ability to provide relief to the armpits. Dove also boasts that this is the ‘best care ever for the armpit”. With Dove’s long history and reputable products consumers will further gravitate towards this product. Lastly, the advertisement depicts a smiling woman raising an arms to show her very smooth armpit. This ad does well to employ, Ethos, Pathos, Logos. The “NutriumMoisture” claim is an obvious attempt at Logos. The smiling woman is used to show Pathos. The used of Ethos can be contributed by the long standing history of Dove and its products. This product for women does a great job at catering to women’s need all while maintaining respect towards
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