Rhetorical Uses In Advertising : The Use Of Advertising

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Everywhere we go we are surrounded by billboards, radio ads, television commercials and all sorts of other types of advertisements. We may not acknowledge it, but these advertisements have a subconscious effect on us in our everyday lives. They leave a jingle or a thought in the back of our mind, something that gets stuck in our heads and causes us to think about it all day long. One thing that is prevalent in almost all advertisements today is the use of pathos, or emotional appeal to the audience, but is that all there is to it?
When you think of batteries, it’s not very likely that the first thing that comes into your mind is family, teddy bears or the military. This specific Duracell battery commercial is portraying just that. It starts with a father who, we assume, is abroad in another country, far from his family. He is inserting batteries into a big soft teddy bear, then he records his voice saying something into the bear and sends it to his daughter who ends up loving it a lot and taking it everywhere with her. At the end of the advertisement the father appears in person and the story ends happily ever after. It doesn’t sound like the average battery commercial, does it? This commercial uses its rhetorical opportunity wisely and makes a big impact on many American citizens at the time.
Rhetorical opportunity is key when you are trying to get your point across. This advertisement used its rhetorical opportunity very well. They knew that if they aired this commercial

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