Richard Dawkins Analysis

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“Faith can be very dangerous, and deliberately to implant it into the vulnerable mind of an innocent child is a grievous wrong.” While famous atheist author Richard Dawkins may offend some with this view on teaching religion to children, he does have a tremendous point. Imprinting religion on the minds of children can have negative effects, and parents do this is by presenting their kids with religious toys. For example, when I was young I had a doll who would pray the Our Father when I folded her hands. While it was definitely an innocent attempt by my mother to mold me into a robust little Christian, I consider it ignorant because it encouraged me, a naive child, to become indoctrinated unknowingly into something I not only couldn’t grasp, but that I wouldn’t agree with later on. Religious toys like the ones I had, comparable to today’s Precious Moments praying hands doll or the Noah’s ark play set available at, seem like something parents should want their children playing with because they appear more wholesome, but those toys are actually promoting the parents’ personal agenda and hindering a small child’s ability to form his or her own opinions.
Parents often choose toys like the Precious Moments praying hands doll or the Noah’s ark play set to help raise …show more content…

Although these are benign, children are also often told which God to believe in, which is the opposite of harmless. By giving children toys affiliated with their parents’ religion, it is assuming that kids can comprehend what they’re being told to believe and that they actually believe it, which doesn’t always turn out to be the case. All things considered, there are many other toys for children to play with that still encourage intelligent thought and wholesomeness, and religious toys are best not given to

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