Richter: Information Technology at Hungary's Largest Pharma

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INFORMATION SYSTEMS FOR MANAGERS RICHTER: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AT HUNGARY’S LARGEST PHARMA Summary: Richter is the largest pharmaceutical company in Hungary and is considered to be one of prominent producers of generic drugs and generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The company is a leader in the global market, but currently it is facing a lot of challenge from other pharmaceutical companies and because of which they can lose their competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical industry. And to cater to this problem they are planning for a global expansion in IT. Currently their information system (IS) is not fully centralized and this is causing a lot of problem in their expansion and cross-company…show more content…
* Decentralization may also limit the pace of growth of the organization and may affect its position as a market leader. 3. Centralized IT system for the affiliates with the rollout of new technologies outsourced – * Centralization of the core processes and standardizing of the IT infrastructure would leverage technology expertise across the organization and the affiliates. It would also enable cost effective contracts from the software suppliers and would facilitate global business processes. * With Richter now aiming for an international expansion, centralization of the core processes is essential for smooth expansion and their corresponding integration into the system. * Also a centralized system would enable the IS to be better aligned with the business strategy of the organization. * Centralization will provide a consistent flow of information across the organization and the affiliates and better structure and control to this fast growing organization. * Centralization would also ensure better involvement of the business team in the decision making for the IT matters. * Employing third party for rolling out the new technologies (once they are successfully implemented at a particular location) would reduce the pressure on the IT structure and the central IT team. This would allow them to focus more on the projects which may provide breakthrough for the

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