Right Wing Authoritarian Regime Research Paper

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If it were not for the crucial mistakes of Italy, Germany, and Spain’s governments to address interwar problems, then right-wing authoritarian regimes may never have formed. Seeing as to how countries across the world were left crippled after world war one, successful control of a nation was hard to obtain. In response, countries began strictly monitoring their economies, which the middle class was against. Regarding the issue of the agreement between socialist and catholic parties, Italy failed to find a solution. Germany unsuccessfully controlled socialist and communist influences, which inspired right-wing groups. Spain was powerless as its weak monarchy was taken over by coalitions of the nobility. As a culmination of these countries inabilities to govern, right-wing authoritarian regimes were formed amongst many European countries.…show more content…
The interwar period consisted of many problems that Italy, Germany, Spain, and countries in Eastern Europe shared. One of which was the increased government regulation of economy. As the working class started to become more activist, they began to fear for their own security and savings. As a result, they turned away from communism and towards fascism. In Italy, workers and unions became more militant and the people began to fear the USSR. Because of this, the creation of…show more content…
The small fascist groups that developed in Italy should have been avoided. Because the government gave industrialists and landowners a chance to worry, the problem spiraled out of control. A major mistake of the Italian Government was legalizing peasant land seizures and the progressive
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