Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment A risk assessment is something that is produced to help carry out a risk assessment of what might cause harm to the service users and what needs to be carried out in order to avoid the risks from taking place . It is something by law that is expected for all the workplace to carry out. This links in with the HSAWA as every workplace when opening up a business they need to follow the rules and regulation in order to keep the environment safe as well as the employees. When creating risk assessments it’s about producing a table of which identifies all the possible hazards that could take place in the workplace. Every workplace must produce a risk assessment and by creating this you are pointing out all the risk that could…show more content…
3. Look at the risks and look at the possible safety measures - After looking at the risk and notifying the hazard and writing down the potential service users who could be at harm’s way then a workplace needs to what are they going to do in order to prevent the hazard from taking place and harming any of the service users. For example they need to think of step by step precautions that they could use in order to prevent an incident form occurring. This is important because by putting in place a safety measure then this is going to keep everyone safe including the service users , staff and any visitors that may be preset and also keep the environment safe and this will ensure a smoother workplace. 4. Write down the results of the investigation- It is important when doing a risk assessment that the information gathered is reordered so that when it comes to looking at the data and evaluating then you have something to look at. Also when doing an risk assessment the results of the findings need to be shown to the manager so that he/she is aware of the
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