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(1) The following study discusses the risk & resilient factors in the life of Pauline, a 16 year old NZ European/Maori teenager. These factors involve her family life and its importance to her: the value of education and the consequences of leaving school without qualifications; how activities such as church participation can be helpful and the problems involved with having nothing to do; the effects of substance abuse; early sexual involvement and its risks; the risk of suicide, suicide attempts & ideation. The likely impacts of all of these factors on her current & future health status will be considered. Key words or concepts: resilience or protective factors: is factors that buffer young people from risks & promote…show more content…
Pauline expresses that there is a lot of arguing with her Dad & Stepmother. This provides risk for her as serious conflict between caregivers and children can put them at the risk of the problem behaviours (Channing Bete Company 2004). The separation of a child’s parents can put him/her at risk especially if there are a lot of changes or that the child does not have a good relationship with at least one parent (Burt 2002). It has been indicated in a study that girls in two parent families are less likely to act out risky behaviours than those in single parent families. (M.D. Resnick et al 1993). Children or adolescents who are well reasonably well adjusted after divorce nearly always come from an environment where there is a firm, responsive, nurturing, supportive adult (Henderson 2002). Pauline’s recent history is shows this sort of environment has not been there for her. A factor that protects an adolescent is having an adult in her life she can trust and with whom she can confide. The presence of an adult Mentor in an adolescents life helps reduce the participation in risk taking behaviours. (Beier et al 2000). Pauline reports having a close relationship with her Aunty Sarah who lives down the road with her Nan. She is able to confide with Aunty Sarah and feels close to her. This is a significant protective factor for Pauline.

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