Risk Prediction Paper: Risk Assessment case studies of Colleen M. and Xander L

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Worksheets, such as the Missouri and Washington Risk Assessments are valuable tools used by criminal justice practitioners. Moreover, Risk Assessment scales are used in both formal and informal capacities, to determine the potential risk or harm an individual poses to society should he or she be released from detention or custody. The following is an example of how the Missouri and Washington Risk Assessment worksheets can be utilized when applied in two completely different cases; it is important to remember that the primary purpose of both Risk Assessment Scales are to identify specific classifications of juvenile offenders. Offenders are classified on a scale of being low, moderate, or at high-risk behavior and each assessment places …show more content…

Moreover, the Missouri Risk Assessment risk score for Colleen was 8, placing her in the High Risk Level. This assessment was quick and fast. But not enough information was provided for Colleen in the information that was provided.

The Washington Risk Assessment pre-screen risk score for Colleen resulted in the High Risk Level. The first section of the assessment was criminal history score, of which Colleen scored 12 points. The second section score for social history, Colleen scored 15 points. The assessment used both results of the criminal history score and social history to determine the risk level, Colleen 's scored a High Risk Level.

The Washington Risk Assessment pre-screen risk also had a section on attitude and behavior but it did not used it to determine the score of the risk level. Some of the questions in the assessment really did not pertain to Colleen.

The second individual evaluated was Xander L. a 17-year-old black male and recognized gang member.


Xander was immediately arrested for possession of a concealed weapon. Xander pled guilty to the charge.


Xander has previous run-in with the law. This juvenile adjudication includes purse snatching, breaking and entering into homes and drug possession. His first juvenile adjudication started at the age of 13 years old.

Sentence Served.

Xander spent a year in

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