Risks of Teenagers Obtaining a Driver's Licence

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Most teens look forward to getting a driver’s license. But that may change if they know that they have a much higher risk of having a motor accident than adult drivers. In the United States, driving accidents are a leading cause of death among teenagers. These accidents happen mostly in populated cities. This problem has caused each state to have its own driving laws for teens. Although this problem is already a priority in many states, it should get more attention from the general public, especially teens. It is important for people to know about driving laws because these laws can help establish safe driving habits. California laws that attempt to decrease teen-caused auto accidents include establishing a minimum age for passengers of teenage drivers. In California, a new driver cannot transport anyone who is under 20 years of age unless a licensed adult is also in the vehicle. Another effective law in California requires teen drivers to have at least 50 hours of supervised driving during the learner’s permit stage. This law is effective because it allows teens to learn how to drive safely on the road with the help of an experienced driver. Although some laws are effective, teens are still known to cause accidents. Therefore, a solution should be proposed to the state governments that will call for a law that requires teens to take an annual mandatory driving test for a certain number of years after obtaining a license.
Existing Driving Laws Fail to Ensure Safety As

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