Rocky Blboa Persuasive Speech

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Summary- Despite having never seen this movie, I have seen this scene hundreds upon hundreds of times. I listen to this speech before every game I play. This is an all-around great pre-game pump up speech. The coach talks to his team before a big game. He is telling them that the difference between winning and losing (living and dying) is just inches. In football, they may literally be fighting for inches, but in reality, it’s not about the inches. It’s about the effort. Having both played and coached sports, I appreciate the message the coach is sharing. Overall, I just really love this speech.
Credibility – The speaker established his credibility by showing his character. The speaker (coach) seemed to care about his players and their success. …show more content…

He was so confident in his message that he transferred that confidence to the audience. The speaker was not afraid to let his emotion or passion show. This made him feel more relatable.
Rocky Balboa
Summary - This speech was an interaction between a father and a son. The son is upset about some sort of decision the father is making. The father tells the sun that he is being soft and complaining. The most memorable line from this speech was when the dad told the son, “life is not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”
Credibility – The speaker established credibility by showing his competency. Having been a fighter, the speaker is able to talk about taking this. If anyone were to give me a speech about getting back up after getting hit, I would want it to be someone that had been knocked down multiple times. By being able to talk from experience the speaker increases his credibility and the audience’s likelihood to listen and consider what the speaker is …show more content…

The speaker sounded so strong and sincere which made him feel relatable. This ultimately made me want to support him and listen to what he had to say.

Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2
Summary – I’ve never seen Harry Potter so I’m not entirely sure what happened to lead up to this speech being given. A guy named Neville Longbottom is standing up to the bad guy without a nose. At first it appeared that Harry Potter was dead, and Neville was talking about death and how great of a person Harry was, then Harry woke up and a fight broke out.
Credibility – I have no idea what type of person Neville Longbottom is, but based on the way he talked about Harry Potter he seemed like a nice and sincere guy. I’m pretty sure Harry Potter was well liked, so it should have been pretty easy to get people to rally together to support something in Harrys honor. I believe that Neville established his credibility by using his character.
Reasoning – Neville uses reasoning from principle. He states that people die every day. Therefore, Harry Potter’s death should not be the end of the world. He uses this reasoning to try and convince the audience that Harry’s death will not stop

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