Rocky Mountain Outfitters

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Rocky Mountain Outfitters By the early 2000s, Rocky Mountain Outfitters had grown to become a “significant regional sports clothing distributor in the Rocky Mountain and Western states. The states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah,Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, and the eastern edge of California had seen tremendous growth in recreation activities” (RMO 2009). Because most outdoor and water sports had all become a tremendous interest in these states, to respond to the market,RMO expanded its line of sportswear. ROM’s natural extension meant considerable changes in transaction processing systems in order to handle their phone orders (Chapter 2 2004). RMO provides a Web site featuring its products and nearly all…show more content…
As design moves forward, the development teams begin to generate a tremendous amount of detailed information about the system. Modules, classes, data fields, data structures, forms, reports, methods, subroutines, and tables are all being defined in substantial detail in the design model. The key design tasks are decomposing the application into layers, clients, and servers, distributing the “pieces” across hardware platforms, and defining the physical network and protocols. Seven major activities must be done during the design phase: • Prototype for design details • Design and integrate the system controls • Design and integrate the network • Design the application architecture • Design the user interfaces • Design the system interfaces • Design and integrate the database Design activities are closely interrelated and generally all done with substantial overlap. “During design, it is often necessary to verify the correctness or workability of the proposed design. One important verification method is to build working prototypes of parts of the system to ensure that it will function correctly in the operating environment.” Every system must have sufficient controls to protect the integrity of the database and the application program. These controls should be integrated into the new system while it is being designed, not after it has been constructed (Chapter 2, 2004). Success The Project
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