Role Of A Marketing Strategy For A Global Brand

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The Role of Culture
While business strategy plays a key role in successful collaboration and building a global brand, understanding the culture of the country being invested in is paramount. The culture dictates the methodology and approach for numerous operating models and a lack of research and understanding of the culture can quickly lead to demise for a company seeking to expand. A considerable amount of companies fail to complete substantial or intensive research before expanding their businesses beyond the United States border (Chung & Smith, 2007) and as a result do not set themselves up for optimal success. An area of extreme significance for the business in which the understanding of the local culture has far reaching effects is marketing. The onus is on management to do their research and put together a marketing team that understands the cultural dynamics and can tailor a marketing package that suits that dynamic (Jensen, 2015). In preparing their product or service for market, management needs to critically review the marketing strategy to ensure the marketing strategy is localized to the culture being operated in and is not part of a one size fits all marketing strategy.
Another component of culture worth researching in-depth prior to expansion is gaining an understanding the role of local, state, and central governments in the desired country. In the case of China, the role of government is more hands-on than that of the United States thus leading to norms

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