Role Of Communication In Health Care

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Introduction Communication is the trading of information between two or more people. There are multiple types and modes of communication that each have their own pros and cons. In healthcare, communication is the basis of all care. If there is no communication between people in the healthcare, there is no care. Communication is needed for medical history, physician orders, medications, and a multitude of other needs. Healthcare calls for a higher level of communication than would be expected. Effective communication is needed for patient centered care. Not only nurse-patient communication but also healthcare workers must communicated with each other to help the patient. A need to understand the basics communication, how it effects patient safety, and what you can do to prevent breakdown is essential to prevent communication issues.
The basics of communication There are two basic types of communication, non-verbal and verbal. Each type has its own mediums and channels. Verbal communication is the use of speech to convey a message from one person to another. Non-verbal communication is the use of the senses to get a message to another person. In all communication there parts that lead to effective communication. They consist of the sender and receiver. The sender is just what it sounds like, it is the person who initiates the communication. They choose the message or the the sender is trying to communicate. They also choose the channel or mode, weather it is verbal or non-verbal. The receiver gets the message and deciphers it. They look at the message and the channel and then use their own knowledge to decide what the sender was trying to say. Non-verbal and verbal communication often times work together to convey more meaning. When effectively used communication can be the barrier between safe care and adverse events in the healthcare field. In some researchers opinions the nurse-physician communication is the most strained. (Potter, Perry, Stockert, & Hall, 2017)
Nurse-Physician communication Throughout the history of health care the relationship between nurse and physician have continuously evolved. Physicians became more studied and able to save more patients while nurses became more independent and
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