Role Of Service Quality And Relational Benefits On Customer Satisfaction

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Sayasonti (2015) investigated the factors discussed in the literature which influence customer perceived service quality; customer satisfaction and customer repurchase intention in the auto insurance industry in Thailand. According the analysis of the study, the assurance dimension was a key determinant of a customer assessment of service quality in the auto insurance industry in Thailand. And there was a linear relationship between customer satisfactions, perceived service quality of the company, perception of company image and customer repurchase intentions was found to have a positive significant relationship. His study also indicated that there is no significant relationship between customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. The paper found that the size of the insurance company and the switching cost were slightly significant in moderating the initial relationship between customer satisfaction and customers repurchase intention.

Mackay, Mostert and Petzer (2015) as per their study investigated the effect of service quality and relational benefits on customer satisfaction, as well as the effect of customer satisfaction on behavioural intentions in the short-term insurance industry. The findings showed, one way differentiation has been achieved, was to adopt a customer-focused approach where short-term insurers engage in CRM initiatives such as providing quality services and relational benefits to satisfy customer needs and subsequently retain customers over the long…
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