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Review of Related Literature and Studies Food chain industries are starting to realize the significance of service quality and how it affects customers’ satisfaction. Customer dissatisfaction occur all the time whether it is something as simple as getting the wrong order at a fast food chain restaurant or a service complaint at an expensive restaurant. A customer must be the priority of every business around the world because customers are the ones to buy the goods and services (Lesley & Faure, 1992). According to Thompson (2014), everyone working in the food chain industry will have to deal with customer dissatisfaction at some point in their career, how you handle those dissatisfaction makes all the difference.
Service Quality Wang (2010) defined service quality as global judgement or an attitude towards the superiority of a service. Bitner and Hubbert (1994) also define service quality as “the customer’s overall impression of the relative inferiority and superiority of the organization and its services”. Moreover, Zeithaml and Bitner (2003) define “service quality is a focused evaluation that reflects the customer’s perception of specific dimensions of …show more content…

Brandy and Cronin (2001) introduced their own dimensions of service quality which are 1.) service environment, 2.) customer-employee interaction, and 3.) service outcome. These dimensions are considered the sources of quality of a service. Different dimensions of service quality have been introduced and accepted in past researches and studies but the 5 dimensions of Zeithaml et al., (1988) were proved to be the most reliable and credible. One of the most important strategies service providers can use to position themselves effectively in a competitive environment, and to distinguish themselves from competitors, is to provide and improve service quality to ensure the customer satisfaction (Cronin & Taylor,

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