Role Of The Chief Security Officer

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My proposal is based on the physical security of a general hospital set in a mid-size metropolitan city. The role of the chief security officer (CSO) would be based on the business strategy set by the chief executive officer (CEO) who is hired by a board. The hospital would provide emergency room care, intensive care, inpatient, outpatient, psychiatric care and children’s ward services. The overall organizational business strategy would be a long term plan to provide health care services and maintain a profit margin. The CSO is tasked with executing a plan within a proposed budget that will protect the hospital, employees and patients. The budget would be based on an analysis by the office of the chief financial officer.
The first function of the CSO is an understanding of the CSO’s role in the hospital. This includes the CSO’s rank, hierarchy in the organization, reporting authorities, statutory obligations and internal procedural guidelines. The CSO must undertake a risk management approach in order to identify and minimize the potential threats to the hospital organization. The CSO must first determine the critical threats posed to the hospital. This can include both man-made and natural events. The CSO must then conduct a vulnerability assessment (VA). The VA will consist of assets related to the hospital that are subject to potential danger or threat. These would include patients, visitors, staff and property. Criticality, or importance of the assets,…
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