Role Of The European Parliament On The Eu Decision Making

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The role of the European Parliament in the EU decision-making process is to gradually strengthened. Initially it is only entitled to counseling and supervision. Prior to 1986, the maximum power it holds it is only right to decide on the budget, you can modify the non-mandatory budget for mandatory budget for minor changes, and formally adopted budget. 1986 “Single European Act” by the so-called “cooperative program”, making it the right to a preliminary decision of the Council 's proposed amendments and has authority over the second reading of the draft legislation. After the signing, “Maastricht Treaty” has confirmed the above-mentioned system by the “Single European Act” established and further expand it may reject draft legislation for the Council, and to report thereon to veto the proposed legislation. The “Amsterdam Treaty” by introducing a “shared decision making” system, the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers placed in the same position on the legislation, the European Parliament finally become a true partnership legislature. National interests between EU member states and the European Union have agreed on the development of supra-national integration, there are also contradictory, divided diversification and various decision-making body of the EU decision-making body can be seen as a search for balance and consensus, resolve conflicts institutional arrangements. This arrangement with Western political separation of powers strong color, also contains

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