Role Of Women On The Sports Network

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Going into this experiment I viewed the subordinate group that was distinct, but hasn’t yet been done having its own unique. This directed me towards women, the difference of women on commercials in the sport network channels rather than feminine networks. I got this assumption from past experience; my mom is an avid food and HGTV network watcher, while I’m an avid watcher of ESPN. Specific questions were asked to create a foundation that correctly fit the direction intended for the project and its conclusions. In conclusion to the commercial experiment I found that the majority of women on the networks like ESPN have a different appearance then women on the Food, Bravo, and HGTV networks. My reasoning for this is there are more men …show more content…

Ill be asking questions like, how are the women portrayed? How often are the girls shown in the commercials? What are the roles of the women in these commercials compared to networks like BRAVO, HGTV, and FOOD? My procedure will consist of watching these different networks examining the commercials that appeared in between sport events or talk shows. In the process of examining the commercials I’ll be taking notes, the note taking is strictly for reinsurance so I can go back to support my claims being made. The notes are going to consist of the setting, who’s in it, and what roles do the girls play, if any. Using these steps I’ll be able to efficiently discover the truth behind this hypothesis I’ve made.
First I’d like to talk about ESPN, the most watched sports networking channel available; I began watching the sports center, a show on the ESPN network that will show anything from game scores, highlights, top 10 plays, not top 10 plays, upcoming events and the latest sports news. Most avid watchers would say that this channel is mostly watched by men, people may make this assumption from past experience weather that be with a wife, sister, mom, or another sibling. During my time watching this network and show, I found commercials being more sports related but others being manlier too. For example, I saw commercials like the X games, Lawn Mower advertisement commercials, AndroGel (testosterone gel) advertisements,

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