Women And Women Are Like Dogs

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“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” “Guys are like dogs, women are like cats.” Most people are familiar with these expressions to convey differences between the genders. Advertisers capitalize on the fact that men and women are different in order to persuade individuals to consume products and services. Advertising is an important medium in modern society and is used to influence many of the purchasing decisions made by male and female consumers. It is a powerful tool that expresses, develops and alters ideas of gender and social class. Since people identify themselves by their gender, advertisers focus on stereotypical gender characteristics when marketing their products to consumers. Men and women are depicted differently in advertisements according to defined images of femininity and masculinity. Images of men and women in advertising can replicate society’s views and values and may also impact and alter these ideas. Gender roles are utilized in advertising to address male and female audiences in different ways to encourage consumption of goods and services. In society, men and women have defined roles that separate them into different categories based on their gender. Advertisers utilize these stereotypical roles because individuals use gender as a way to define themselves. According to advertisements, men and women are represented by their differences in attitude, behavior and social status. Advertisers often use differences in gender to create distorted

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