Role of Education

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The role of Assessment in Education System Education is the most important aspect in people’s lives. In today’s society, education is essential in order to be successful economically and socially. ‘Durkheim believes that education enables children to internalize the social rules that contribute to the functioning of the society’ (Giddens, A., 2006, p.686). He also claimed that education should be under the control of the state, free from special interest groups. Other than this, ‘Karl Marx, the father of the conflict theory, believed that education system perpetuates the existing class structure…to prepare children for their roles in the capitalist, technological society, controlled by the dominant groups in society’ (Ballantine, J., …show more content…

According to the National Curriculum of the Maldives, ‘the purpose of classroom assessment is to empower both teachers and their students to improve the quality of learning in the classroom’ (Cited in EDC website, p.98).
Assessment should tell the educators and individual learners something that they already know stretching learners to the limits of their understanding and ability to apply their knowledge. There are various methods and strategies that are used in order to find out what the students already know and to connect them with what is to be taught. In order to obtain students prior knowledge and understanding, teachers administer assessment techniques to collect information about what and how much their students are learning. Assessment in schools can be classified into diagnostic, formative and summative strands.
Diagnostic assessments are used to provide educators with information about students’ prior knowledge, skills, attitudes, learning styles and motivation to assist them to develop an effective learning programme that suits the educational needs of the learners. After diagnostic test summative and formative assessments are used to evaluate students’ learning.
Summative test typically comes at the end of course or unit of instruction. It is designed to determine the extent

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