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Introduction In this report I will examine the extent in which the concepts of the Managerial Escalator fit with the experiences of two managers that were interviewed by me. The first part of this report will try and clarify the concept of the Managerial Escalator with focus on Rees and Porters different concepts as well as unfolding their own standpoint on it. The second part of the report will show a clear analysis of two managers who have managerial responsibilities in their roles and in their line of work or have had then ascertain any extents in which the two managers progression into management fits in with the managerial escalator. The Managerial Escalator The Managerial Escalator can be described as a concept that can be used to…show more content…
(Rees & Porter 2008, Skills of Management 6th edition) There was a survey that was carried out that was based on how 50 individuals became managers and what was uncovered was that 45 out of 50 in the past were specialists before they were given any managerial responsibilities, a further 2 did have training as a specialist before gaining a supervisory role and managerial responsibilities, there were also a number that did have management training but this was not considered to be management training that was effective enough. This can no lead to my findings of 2 managers that were interviews about their particular progression and how they got into management as well as what type managerial responsibilities they have, this was carries out to see if the Managerial Escalator concept does or does not apply to the cases. Findings The interviews I conducted were on 2 managers that currently work in 2 different organisations. The questions they were asked were related to their progression into their current managerial roles, this was done so it can be related to the model and concept of the managerial escalator. The first manager to be interviewed is a supervisor at my local supermarket and the position that he had before he was manager was general store assistant and has been working in the particular sector for 3 and half years, before taking up this current role he
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