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“As human beings, a feeling of belonging is vital to the well being and self esteem of the individual, but a lack of connection, or rejection can cause instability and other negative repercussions”
Senses of belonging evolve from the connections made with entities such as people, places and communities. The feeling of connection or relation with these entities is formed from the perception of oneself and the perception of these entities as shaped by historical cultural, social, and personal context.
Romulus my father as a text explores how relationships are affected by inside and outside influences such as changes of context. It also shows how barriers to belonging such as Romulus’s self perception and how others perceived him hindered
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District 9 also shows a strong use of vibrant landscape, particularly obvious in the use of contrast between the modern, clean, ordered landscape of the MNU buildings and the desolate, junkyard, slum like ghetto of District 9 itself. This represents the psyche of the two groups, and the vastly different cultures and contexts of the two races. It also shows the balance of power between them, and it’s evident when the MNU conducts a raid into District 9, where the clean uniforms and vehicles of the MNU, a contrast to the ramshackle buildings and filthy, ragged clothing of the ‘prawns’. This first glimpse into the Landscape of district 9 colours our perceptions of the prawns and their contexts. After the failed attempt to integrate them into society due to a lack of understanding of individual ownership, and their vastly different culture, the MNU corrals them into District 9 and treat them the prawns with contempt. This is a clear indication of their rejection of prawns into normal society, due to their differences in context, morals and values. As the film progresses, the two groups are explored deeper, and the landscapes continue to influence understanding of the two groups, for example, a short video is shown of the space ship the prawns used to arrive at earth. Inside, the city sized landscape appears hostile and dangerous. This influences the audience’s initial feelings towards the prawns.
In 1984,

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