Roundworm Research Paper

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Trichinosis is an infection caused by the roundworm. Many symptoms include the following: diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever and muscle pain. Roundworm parasites use an host’s to reproduce and live. The reason why people acquire this infection by eating raw or undercooked, contaminated meat, pork and bear. The roundworm appeared in the middle of the Miocene period, which was around 70 million years ago. It is an disorder from the small roundworm and can be found in the stomach and small intestine. The larvae live in the muscle tissue of animals mainly pigs, wild boars, bears, walruses and other carnivores. Trichinosis is prevented by cooking your meats especially pork and pork products. Some of the causes of Trichinosis is eating undercooked…show more content…
First the host must be infected with the larvae or the parasite. To be infected , the host must eat the larvae and it will end up in the intestines, hatch and start to affect the host. To be infected by the roundworm, the host must step in contaminated soil with their barefoot. This type of infection does not spread onto other individuals. Having the infection has nothing to do with genetics or inheriting diseases from parents. When infected, the treatments must start as soon as possible. When going to go treatment, a doctor must and will make the decision to treat the infection based on the symptoms. Safe and effective prescription drugs can treat the infection and the symptoms. When it comes to the reproduction of the roundworm, the female is bigger than the male. When they mate, females will lay up to 200,000 eggs per day . The affected host will only hold 5,000. The eggs can be found in human feces and or contaminated water. The remaining eggs will be hatched in the intestine. When the host gets infected by the skin, the worm will find an blood vessel and makes it way to the respiratory system. It will then makes it way to throat were the host will swallow them and go through the digestive system and will end up the intestine
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