Rudyard Kipling 's The Jungle Book

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The author who wrote the beloved children’s story “The Jungle Book” is also an accused jingoist ("Kipling, Rudyard"Nobel Prize Winners). Rudyard Kipling was a European man born in Bombay India in 1865. Kipling was born during an age of British Imperialism in India (McNamara and "Kipling, Rudyard" Hutchinson Encyclopedia). He himself was rumored to be an imperialist for Britain. Throughout his lifetime Kipling lived in Britain, India, and the United States of America ("Kipling, Rudyard" World Authors). He used his many experiences from these areas to shape his writings. Kipling was also highly interested in the military affairs of Britain and managed to convince his son to join the military. In turn, this led Kipling and his wife to volunteer in the Red Cross during World War I ("Kipling, Rudyard" Nobel Prize Winners). Rudyard Kipling wrote works that were heavily influenced by different aspects such as Indian culture, British culture, and Imperialism, along with different military action throughout the mid to late 1800s and early 1900s. Rudyard Joesph Kipling was born to John and Alice Kipling in Bombay, India on December 30, 1865. His father, John, was the principal at the School of Art in Lahore, India. His uncle was an artist and his aunt at the time was a future British Prime Minister. In his early childhood, Kipling and his sister were raised by an Indian couple who spoke “kitchen Hindi”. At the age of six Kipling and his sister were sent back to Britain to pursue
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