Run, Henry, Run !

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Run, Henry, Run!
Those who achieved great things often start off with a plan. Creating a bucket list is a very effective way to plan out desired experiences, goals, and achievements. Many people have a bucket list, whether it is physically written down or present in the back of their minds. When I was twelve years old, I did something crazy. I ran a half marathon race alongside my Dad after many months of training. After that experience, I was hooked on running. I started working on my bucket list and I ran a full marathon all on my own when I was fifteen. The rigorous training was worth the glory of finishing, and I decided right then and there that I would never let my age define where I set my life’s goals. Running great distances are meant for a person who knows how to deal with pain and discomfort. I knew no one would be able to accomplish this for me. I learned to manage all the aspects of training such as sleep and soreness in my body alone. It was the ultimate solo venture that didn’t require exotic travel or expensive gear, just old-fashioned personal commitment to excellence. After extensive study, I realized that this kind of running is meant only for a certain type of person: a dedicated, hard worker, determined, comfortable with isolation, and most importantly, self-motivated. As Benjamin Franklin once said “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”, to run a marathon for the first time, it is important prepare by training by running, training by other…

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