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  • Marathon

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    Alayna and I eventually picked a five mile route and were surprised when we completed it without incident. I shared with Linda my desire to run in the marathon that fall. She suggested we start out doing the half. “Its 13.1 miles”, she said. “You can do that.” Alayna said she would do it with me. We agreed that the half marathon would be our marathon. Training for the half takes about sixteen weeks. We started the second week of June and followed the running schedule Linda gave us, incorporating

  • Marathon Essay

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    Topic: How to train for a marathon? Marathon defines any long-distance race. Marathon training is about personal challenge, but should be fun and enjoyable. A marathon will help you discover the strengths you never knew you had. Training for a marathon is important in daily life because running is the easiest sport in the world and testing your body’s limits pushes people to go further and further. There are three way training for a marathon such as maintain proper nutrition, train smart and safe

  • Essay On Marathon Running

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    Why Marathon Running Is Good for Your Health If you want a full-body workout, running is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get yourself fit. You can start right away since you don’t need any equipment when you run, just your workout clothes and running shoes. Running is a well-loved workout of several people. In fact, in the United States alone, there are about 65 million people who went running or jogging in 2016. Running is generally good for your body since it does not only help you to lose

  • Marathon Is A Running Event

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    Marathon is a running event that commemorates the 25-mile run of a Greek soldier from the battlefield near the town of Marathon, Greece, to announce the victory ahead, to the anxious citizens of Athens. Modern day marathon is participated by runners in thousands, that came from all walks of life, different experience level and from different parts of the globe. Some are born to run a marathon, but most just started by taking small stride and training for their first run. I did my first 3 years

  • The Boston Marathon Attack

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    The Boston Marathon attack was an attack against the American people and our nation as a whole. The emergency response teams from every conceivable organization used their resources to react as quickly as possible. What happened on the morning of April fifteenth will forever live in the memories of the American people and to those who responded quickly to the matter. As much as the city of Boston was prepared for the marathon, nobody could fathom an event like the bombings to take place. The government

  • Physical Preparation For A Successful Marathon

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    their victory in the city of marathon. A marathon is long distance race, which is 26.2 miles long. Many people think that 26 miles is impossible to run, but with the right training and eating habits its possible. One thing people should always keep in mind is that mental preparation plays a big role in a successful marathon. Running marathons have great advantages, it 's good for weight loss, healthy, and fun to participate in. A person might want to run a marathon to test their limits or just prove

  • Negative Effects Of Running Marathons

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    others do want to run marathons for the excitement of a race or to prove to themselves that they can do it. For many reasons, runners are on board to hit the pavement, whether it is for the challenge or for the numerous health benefits that come along with it, including weight loss and fitness. Because of the positive effects of running, the negative aspects of running long distances are sometimes overlooked. Before deciding to just get up one day and start training for a marathon, know that running

  • Pros And Cons Of Running The London Marathon

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    Well, where do I start from? The beginning I guess. An email from Cousin Tunde last October asking if I was interested in running the London marathon for International Needs UK, and my initial trepidation and me thinking, why not? I started looking at training plans and reading around the effort it would take to prepare for a full marathon, then had a discussion with my family who were very supportive and encouraged me to go for it. I chose a 24-week training plan because I just couldn't deal with

  • The Battle Of Marathon And Salamis

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    Nico Poalillo 9/11/14 The Battle of Marathon and The Battle of Salamis The Battles of Marathon and Salamis each play an extremely important in early Greek History for many reasons. They were not only battles in which the Greeks showed their military prowess, but they were both battles which if lost, the future of Greece would most likely have been changed forever. On this day, September 11th in the year 490 BC, off of the Eastern Coast of Greece, a fleet of ships was amassing in the distance headed

  • The Battle of Marathon Essays

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    The Battle of Marathon One of the most significant battles in antiquity was fought on the narrow, tree strewn plain of Marathon, in September, 490 BC. There, the Athenian army defeated a Persian force more than twice its size, because of superior leadership, training and equipment. The battle of Marathon has provided inspiration to the underdogs throughout history. In 490 BC, the Athenians proved that superior strategy, and technology can claim victory over massive numbers. In 646 BC the